Submission Guidelines

You’re encouraged to send a numbered list of no fewer than 10 headline jokes to with the subject heading “submission [ date ]” as often as you’d like.

Please send jokes as email text. Attachments will not be accepted.

The tone of Blaffo is dark and sardonic, a satirical response to the idea that the human race is doomed, and deservedly so. Story ideas in multiple forms are acceptable:

1. Investigative or feature articles parodying online magazines like Slate

2. Straight news-parody articles

3. First-person editorials

Strictly current-events-based jokes are acceptable, but evergreen jokes about society, humanity, nature, or trends are preferred. If a current event compels you to write a joke about it, do your best to make the joke gettable long after the current event has been forgotten.


Blaffo pays $10 per story

Headlines are currently not paid

You will be notified when your material is published. Payment will be made through Papal within 2 weeks of publication.

Rights and Credit

Headlines and stories submitted to Blaffo are “work for hire.” Blaffo buys the exclusive right to use your work in all media now and in the future, and will retain copyright.

You won’t receive named credit on either the Blaffo website or social media. However, you’re encouraged to make the fact known on your resume, social media, or anywhere else you’d like.


These guidelines are subject to change without notice. By submitting to Blaffo you release all claim in all media to the exploitation of material published in Blaffo. Any work published is considered a “work for hire” for tax and copyright purposes and becomes the sole intellectual property of Blaffo Industries, LLC.