Should Doctors Have More Arms for Medicine?

By Lilly Edwards, contributor,

Every time I look at the online internet, I see a doctor. They’re always looking like they do good help to people who need better bones or feet or chest, whatever. We all know what doctors do, but should doctors do it better? Should doctors have more arms for medicine? Yes!

Let’s look at factual evidence. Doctors should have more arms for medicine. Doctor Dave already has two lungs for breathing, haves small paper for assigning you the cancer, and wears an ear nurse for hearing my ears. Because my ears, nose, throat hole, and brain meat are connected, when Dr. Dave’s ear nurse toy experiments into them, they can see my thoughts and my health. Leading scientists on doctors say more healthcares comes from increased doctor.

Reba McEntire said to BrainyQuote, “All the money in the world can’t buy you back good health,” but good medicine is important to have doctors with more hands and fingers. (“Without your health, you’ve got nothing going on. I thank God every day for good health” –Ric Flair). If people don’t want doctors to use more arms for themselves, then are the people happy with just people like them dying because their doctor didn’t have enough arms?

Doctors with more arms means children can get more bones because doctor arms could always be inside them to rearrange their muscles and blood, saving the life expectancy and making the infant immortality rate really good. More arms, more doctors, more eyes and bones need softening. Please do your signature at my petition to register for more arms. More arms is less sick because your stomach is neat. Doctors must have more arms for our medicine.