Academy Awards Embrace Diversity with Snuff Film Category

The Oscars are rolling out a more inclusive red carpet.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced today their plan to expand representation in this year’s awards by adding snuff, the popular postmodern genre of visceral pornographic films that capture inspiring murders and gang rapes, to its awarded categories.

“The global rise of sex slavery has led to some gorgeously crafted snuff films coming out of Yemen, Russia, and Qatar,” said Addison Brewer, an Academy spokesperson on the watershed announcement. “It’s time we give non-white voices a platform for transcendent musical numbers where young Vietnamese boys’ screams climb several octaves as they have their throats slit.’

While nominees have yet to be announced, celebrities have already started weighing in on their favorite snuff films.

“I never thought we would come this far,” Kylie Jenner told E! News. “I absolutely loved the young boy’s performance in the movie about forbidden love when he was pinned down and skinned alive. I cried because their love felt so real. These are the actors who bring us joy and inspiration.”

The new category has ignited debate among critics as to what will make a snuff film eligible for an Oscar nomination. For Adam Reed, a Chicago Tribune film critic, snuff has to be authentic, stripping away the lavish sets to allow directors to showcase their filmmaking chops.

“Capturing the poetic grandeur of an American CEO shooting a young Syrian girl in the head while she gives a superb oral sex performance is impossible with HD cinematography. Seeing it through an iPhone or GoPro, however, is a humanizing experience because we feel the tenderness of such an intimate cultural exchange.”

Brad Kremer, a UCLA film professor, says true snuff films capture the seductive pizzazz a Chinese sex dungeon offers. Without exquisite lighting and sound, he argues, audiences miss the bittersweet majesty of a male lead putting aside his white privilege to let a Chinese man plant a pickaxe in his son’s neck before they are both burned alive. “These kinds of diverse cultural lenses deserve to be recognized,” Kremer says.

Although critics disagree how to evaluate lower-grossing yet prestigious art films, they do agree snuff filmmakers face an uphill climb to attract wider audiences.

“Watching illegal snuff streams online not only hurts the filmmakers who put their heart and soul into these executions, but it guarantees the starving actors die for nothing,” Kremer says.

Once the Academy announces the nominees, moviegoers can masturbate to their favorite snuff films in theaters nationwide for a limited run leading up the Oscars.